Anabel Fernández Rey

Buenos Aires, 1975.



Awards, Special Mentions and Recommendations

     ∙ 2017│ Selection of 90 books by Cuatrogatos Foundation, “Are we friends?” (Picture book)

     ∙ 2014│ Special Mention at VIII International Compostela Prize for Picture Books, Kalandraka Publishing, Spain, for “Are we friends?” (Picture book)

     ∙ 2004│ Official Selection out of 15 Argentine Independent Filmmakers at Mar del Plata, Rosario and Buenos Aires Film Festivals, for “Sue” (Animated short film)

     ∙ 2002│ First Prize Animation Category at the First International Multimedia Image Festival sponsored by the Embassy of Canada, for "Sue" (Animated short film)

     ∙ 2002│ Sección Oficial NotodoFilmFest y televisación en Canal+España, “Sue» (Dibujo animado)

Editorial Illustrations

     ∙ 2015│ “Are we friends?” Kalandraka Publishing (Picture book)

     ∙ 2017│ Illustrations in Workbook for Primary School, Norma Publishing

     ∙ 2018│ Poetry Illustrations in High School Reader, Kapelusz Publishing


Academic Background:

     ∙ 2002│ Degree in Audiovisual Production and Realization, UAI (Open Inter-American University)

     ∙ 2007│ Postgraduate in Cultural Management and Communication, FLACSO (Faculty of Latin American Social Sciences)

     ∙ 2014│ Jungian Art Therapy, CG Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology


Courses and Workshops

     ∙ Children’s Book Illustration Course, with Mariana Ruíz Johnson, Vanina Starkoff, Anabella López.

     ∙ Creative Writing Course, with Graciela Repún

     ∙ 2015│ Oral Narrative Workshop “Cuentan los chicos”, with Mariana Fernández

     ∙ 2016│ Children and Youth Literature Workshop, with Graciela Repún and Beatriz Ortiz

     ∙ 2017│ Children and Youth Literature at School, Children and Youth Cultural Consumption in the Digital Age, with Marta Polimeni

     ∙ 2017│ Watercolour, Drawing and Chinese Ink, with Rubén Grau

     ∙ 2018│ Colour in Storytelling, with Rebeca Luciani



     ∙ 2016│ “Enaguas Blancas” (Visual Art for Dance Theater)

     ∙ 2019│ “XX Xuntanza de Cantareiras” (Poster and Social Media)



     Script, Illustration and Animation (old work...) 



     ∙ 2018│ Luis Seoane Gallery, Centro de Galicia de Buenos Aires

     ∙ 2019│ “Inmigración” Muestra colectiva en Asociación Galega Residentes de Mos

     ∙ 2019│ Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, UAE


Other Published Works

     Co-author, Chapters, and Stories:

       ∙ 2017│ “Última Ronda y otros microcuentos”, Amauta Publishing, Buenos Aires

       ∙ 2013│ “The creative and informative potential of media, Conversations Across Cultures”,  Columbia University

      ∙  2012│  “Recepción crítica de los medios y producción audiovisual en la escuela”,  UNICEF Argentina

      ∙ 2011│ “Photo and Video Editing on Timeline”, Fotomundo Magazine